Realta Chakradarma

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Maintains websites
  • Ensure the web servers, hardware and software are operating accurately
  • Design/Redesign websites
  • Generate and revise web pages
  • Examine and analyze site traffic
  • Utilize scripting languages such as Javascript
  • Regulate and manage access rights of different users on website
  • Create and modify appearance and setting of site
  • Lay out content on web pages
  • Test websites to see if there are any parts that are difficult to use
  • Fix links that don't work and pictures that aren't appearing properly
  • Decide how site's content will be delivered to the Internet
  • Keep files small so sites load faster
  • Test different browsers and ensure people with different computers can access website

Benefit :

  • Asuransi
  • Tunjangan Kesehatan
  • Tunjangan makan
  • Tunjangan kehadiran


Keahlian dan keterampilan yang dibutuhkan

Mempunyai pengalaman di bidang webmaster

Informasi Pekerjaan

Fungsi Pekerjaan
IT & Telekomunikasi - 2 tahun
Jumlah Lowongan
Jam Kerja
08:30 am - 05:30 pm
Gaji yang di tawarkan
Bisa negosiasi
Lokasi Pekerjaan
Jakarta, Jakarta Pusat
Perlu Berpergian
Jumlah Karyawan
101 - 500