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Rotterdam Community Solutions

Rithm is a company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands and has a branch office in Mendoza, Argentina and Bandung, Indonesia. We are a growing company that provides digital solutions to companies that want to bring together large groups of people through online communities. We create high quality and often extremely innovative applications that we believe could help people running their business in a better way. Our company has expertise in building solutions for Logistics, Care and Government Sector with clients from Netherlands and other countries in Europe. For a complete list of who our clients and what solutions we have provided for them, you can check our website

Currently we open an opportunity for talented developers in BANDUNG Indonesia who have passion in creating high quality applications and want to work with a great team from Netherlands and Argentina in a fun working environment. You will find us as a great working place that could help you improving your coding and development skill.


Deskripsi Pekerjaan

    Consistsof developing and executing software test plans in order to identifysoftware problems and their causes.

    Createor maintain databases of known test defects

    Developingtesting programs that address areas such as database impacts,software scenarios, regression testing, negative testing, error orbug retests, or usability.

    Documentsoftware defects, using a bug tracking system and report defects tosoftware developers.

    Identify,analyze and document problem with program function, output, onlinescreen or content

    Monitorbug resolution efforts and track successes


Keahlian dan keterampilan yang dibutuhkan

    Bachelor/masterdegree computer science, electrical engineering, gaming or other

    relevanttraining / experience.

    Experienceas Software tester who has a minimum of 2 years experience in the


    Excellentcommand of spoken and written English.

Informasi Pekerjaan

IT / Komputer - Software
Fungsi Pekerjaan
IT & Telekomunikasi - 3 tahun
Jumlah Lowongan
Jam Kerja
09:00 am - 06:00 pm
Lokasi Pekerjaan
Jawa Barat, Bandung
Perlu Berpergian
Jumlah Karyawan
51 - 100